Visual Journal

Here you’ll find my visual journal dedicated to the character Sula Peace from Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison’s 1973 novel titled Sula.

Sula is a strong misunderstood woman. A survivor, a fighter, a free-thinker. Standing out from the crowd, unusual at times and even considered evil to some. She captivated me and I identified with her like a string intertwined.

As hard situations would arise in my life she was a woman I thought about. What she’d say, not say or how she might handle it. From the start I imagined she would have been my friend. So, I dedicate this visual journal to her. I consider each entry a letter sent into the universe and received by Sula, herself. Sharing my photographic journey and provide in-sight on work in progress, my travels, behind-the-scene look, intimate moments and more of myself as an artist and art educator.