thePeople was were you shock off bad vibes, you communed through rhythm and sweat. It was where you came to be free and let loose. The space filled with body’s swaying like waves. The lights flashed as we danced as one. A diverse community; “immigrants, transplants, leftists, same-gender-lovers, artists and people of color”, within a gathering that was powered by music.

Feeding your ears with a unique palette of freshly mixed energizing music, served with an array of other creative components from the visual arts to fashion, food and dance; the party is for and about those who attend. 

Assembling through text messages, email newsletters, social networking sites, or an inner self-timer; every fourth Saturday of the month, thePeople succeed in bringing together a vibrant generation of artists and community builders, from all economic and social backgrounds. The party cultivates openness and positivity, openness in terms of granting permission for each to come as they are.